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"We subscribed to reading chest during Lockdown 2020. We prefer actual books than digital. We absolutely love reading chest! We get excited when the postman comes as can’t wait to see what has been included in our delivery. The books are always in an excellent condition, varied and suitable for the level of reading. We also find they are much better than what is sent home from school. We look forward to our next lot! Paola Noto. Read more Tell us what you think

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Back to School. Back to Normal?

 With children up and down the country finally back in the classroom – getting their reading mojo back will ...

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World Book Day Last Minute Costumes!

Monday 2nd March 2020

The aim of World Book Day is to encourage a love of reading, but many parents get consumed with finding a (sometimes last minute) costume of a book character to dress children in to go to school.

Finding costumes shouldn’t be expensive or a stress, so spend more time reading with your children than costume designing and take a look at some of Reading Chest’s last minute World Book Day costume ideas. All based around the everyday onesie…

TIGER ONESIE - Tiger who Came to Tea or Shere Khan in Jungle Book

RABBIT ONESIE – Percy and the Rabbit,  Watership Down, Peter Rabbit.

BEAR ONESIE & a red top – Winnie the Pooh

BEAR ONESIE & red hat, blue jacket – Paddington Bear

DUCK ONESIE - Duck in a Truck

PIG ONESIE – Wilbur in Charlotte’s Web

ELEPHANT ONESIE - One of Elmer’s friends who is not so colourful!

There are so many more animal character costumes that could be made easily from onesies you are likely to have already at home. So - enjoy World Book Day 2020 and share as many stories as possible!  

Visit www.worldbookday.com/ to join the reading revolution and help to share a million stories.  Visit www.readingchest.co.uk/our-books if you're running out of books at home!

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