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Non-Fiction November!

Friday 6th November 2020

It’s National Non-fiction November! When children are learning to read, fiction is sometimes favoured over non-fiction. This could be due to the lack of accessibility to good quality non-fiction books at the correct reading level. We are lucky enough to have over 700 different non-fiction titles at Reading Chest - so we thought we would set ourselves an office challenge…

The Reading Chest Team (Liz, Caroline & Jess) are taking turns to read our own nonfiction reading scheme books every day in November – from pink book band to lime and beyond!

Caroline read ‘Water Bears’ - Collins Big Cat, yellow book band. ‘After a pretty scary front cover, I was pleased to find out that water bears are so tiny, they can only be seen under a microscope and there are lots in our gardens.’

Liz’s choice was ‘Watching Comets’ Bug Club, lime book band. ‘I was amazed to find out that shooting stars are the dust that trails behind a comet. Also – I’m really looking forward to Halley’s Comet returning in 2061!’

Jess loved ‘Brave Nurses’- Collins Big Cat, white book band. ‘I had no idea just how brave Edith Cavell and Mary Seacole were. Mary became known as ‘Mother Mary’ to British soldiers after she travelled to Crimea on her own to build and run a hotel near the British camp to offer R&R and treat wounded soldiers.
Edith born in Norfolk ended up staying in occupied Brussels during the First World War, not only to treat the injured, she also helped over 200 British, French & Belgian soldiers escape to safety in Holland.’

If Reading Chest members want to get involved, feel free to change your book preferences to receive just non-fiction books this November and write some great book reviews. Any member who writes more than 5 non-fiction book reviews on our site in November will be sent a new non-fiction book to keep. (To write a review, go to ‘Our books’ and click on the book, you wish to write a review on - https://www.readingchest.co.uk/our-books)

You can follow our Non-fiction November challenge on our Instagram & Facebook.
https://www.facebook.com/ReadingChest  www.instagram.com/readingchest/

Enjoy discovering new things with your children too!

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