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Week 3 of Non-Fiction November

We can’t believe we’re writing about week 3 of the Non-Fiction November Challenge – where does the time go! ...

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Week 2 of Non-Fiction November!

Friday 13th November 2020

We are loving Non-fiction November at Reading Chest! We have learnt so many interesting facts this week as the Reading Chest Team (Liz, Caroline & Jess) continue to read our own nonfiction children’s reading scheme books every day in November –

This week we read:
Atlantic Adventure , purple book band - Project X
Charles Dickens, lime book band - Collins Big Cat
Different Homes, green book band - Phonics Bug
Flying High, gold book band - Collins Big Cat
Not All Birds Fly, white book band - Engage Literacy

Liz loved ‘Atlantic Adventure’ - ‘I love sailing, and was fascinated to read about Michael who broke a world record to be the youngest person to sail across the Atlantic all by himself when he was only 14 years old.'

Caroline read ‘Not All Birds Fly’ - ‘I had always known that the male penguins look after their young rather than the female bird, but I had no idea that this was the same for emus. The male emu builds the nest and will sit on the eggs until they hatch. Another fun fact was that an ostrich egg weighs as much as 24 hen’s eggs.’

Jess loved ‘Charles Dickens’ - ‘I was looking forward to reading this book because I love Dickens’ stories – particularly A Christmas Carol – I was really interested to know that from a young age Charles was very driven to succeed. By 18 he was writing for a newspaper reporting from the law courts, where he got a lot of inspiration for his later stories. He was only 24 when his first book was published and by 29 he had become a very famous and wealthy writer. It was fascinating to learn about how popular he was in America – in 1842 he was one of the first British writers to travel to America on a reading tour.’

Don’t forget - Reading Chest members can get involved in Non-fiction November too. Any member who writes more than 5 non-fiction book reviews on our site in November will be sent a new non-fiction book to keep. (To write a review, go to Our books and click on the book, you wish to write a review on.) https://www.readingchest.co.uk/our-books

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Enjoy discovering new things with your children too!

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