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Week 3 of Non-Fiction November

Monday 23rd November 2020

We can’t believe we’re writing about week 3 of the Non-Fiction November Challenge – where does the time go! It’s been a busy week for us at Reading Chest with lots book swapping and exciting giveaways but the Reading Chest Team (Liz, Caroline & Jess) have continued to read a non-fiction book every day and document their favourite facts.

This week we launched our non-fiction November giveaway, Reading Chest are giving away 100 of our preloved non-fiction books to 3 lucky UK primary schools – we’re very excited to pick the winners, we will be announcing them on Monday 30th November. To be in with a chance to win simply head to our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ReadingChest

Now on to the books ….

This week we read:
Bug Quiz, red book band – Floppy’s Phonics
Extreme Sports, extended book band - Collins Big Cat
Imprisoned, lime book band – Project X
Horrid Heroes & Magic Monsters, white book band - Treetops
Birds, blue book band – Collins Big Cat Phonics
Were They Real, purple book band – Collins Big Cat
History of Gold, Lime - Engage

Liz enjoyed ‘The History of Gold’ - ‘This book was full of facts and information – a couple of my favourite facts were that there is gold in sea water, it costs too much money to extract it from the water which is why it isn’t used. Another was that gold is used in astronaut's epuipment such as spacesuits to protect them from the sun – I think this may be the coolest use for gold!’

Caroline read ‘Extreme Sports’- ‘I was so impressed with the photographs throughout this book, they are clear and engaging and you definitely get a sense of how extreme the sports are! I liked the way this book not only gave you great facts such as – the kitesurfing speed world record is 94.4kmh – it also focuses on the training and safety aspects too.’

Jess loved ‘Were they real’ - ‘This is a lovely book, the illustrations in particular are a lot of fun! I was aware that Boudica was real and a warrior queen but I didn’t know it was because the Romans had killed her husband that she took her revenge on London. And once she’d moved on and lost her second battle in the north she killed herself by drinking poison rather than be captured – she was one independent woman!’

Don’t forget - Reading Chest members can get involved in Non-fiction November too. Any member who writes more than 5 non-fiction book reviews on our site in November will be sent a new non-fiction book to keep. (To write a review, go to Our books and click on the book, you wish to write a review on.) https://www.readingchest.co.uk/our-books

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