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"We have just come to the end of our reading chest journey, with my daughters now aged 8 & 6 and after having been members for around 3 years. Both have loved receiving their books each week and choosing which ones they like the look of. As a teacher, I have really enjoyed them being able to experience a range of books and not just one scheme, as I think all schemes offer something different. Both my daughters are exceeding age related expectations for reading and both thoroughly enjoy it - mission accomplished! Thank you, Reading Chest team. Hayley. Read more Tell us what you think

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Summer holidays here we come.....

Having now seen the true impact of covid on our children’s learning, encouraging a love of reading has never ...

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Women's History Month

Wednesday 16th March 2022

Here at Reading Chest this celebration is close to our hearts. We house some amazing reading scheme books about the women of the past, written by the women of our present to inspire the next generation of young readers.

One of our team members, Jess has gone back to university to study history and is focusing in particular on women in history, and how we are becoming more aware of individual stories and the need for further representation. She is particularly proud of the selection of non-fiction children’s books we have and always enjoys sending them out.

These are Jess’ top picks, which can be added to your favourites lists by searching on the ‘our books’ page on the Reading Chest website, hovering over the book title and clicking the heart icon.

Brave Nurses by Charlotte Guillain - ‘This tells the story of Mary Seacole who nursed British soldiers during the Crimean war, and Edith Cavell who helped British, French and Belgian soldiers escape during WW1.’

Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad by Philip Steele – ‘The remarkable story of Harriet’s road to freedom and the many she helped to escape slavery.’

Boudica by Claire Llewellyn – ‘The warrior queen who took on the Romans and for a time was winning!’

Real Life Daredevils by Nick Hunter – ‘This includes the story of Bessie Coleman, one of the world’s first stunt pilots.’

Sister Queens by Duffy Parry – ‘This book tells us all about the lives of Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth and how England changed during their two reigns’

We would love to know what you think about all these amazing women – remember you can write your very own book reviews and we’ll publish them on our website!


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