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"Reading Chest has been a completely transformative experience for my son. I had one quick reader - his elder sister - and was at a bit of a loss with a little boy who just couldn't get on with his school books, and was evidently falling behind. It's taken a good few months, but the excitement of getting books in the post - and of the lovely colourful charts and stickers, not to mention the certificates for achievement - has done the trick! He reads fluently now, and with real enjoyment - something I'm still amazed by. The Reading Chest service is wonderful, and I would recommend it to anyone who feels they need to do a little bit more to support a child's early reading. SR. Read more Tell us what you think

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How to keep the momentum going during the summer term!

Wednesday 19th April 2023

The summer term is notoriously chaotic – sports day, summer productions and assessments, you name it, its crammed in!

So, we thought we’d compile our list of top tips to help your little ones continue to enjoy their reading at home, during this busy time.

• You might find the usual reading routine goes out the window – but finding just 10 minutes a day to enjoy reading together can keep the momentum going.
• Remember, bedtime may not be the best time for every child to read as they will be tired – however listening to a bedtime story is still a hugely beneficial part of their reading journey!
• Inspiring books – having access to a variety of fiction and non-fiction in a range of topics, can really boost your child’s confidence.
• Phonics - whilst phonics is an important tool in learning to read, it is part of a much bigger picture. The most important thing is to encourage a love of books and reading for pleasure.
• Reading aloud – This is key to any reading journey, reluctant readers in particular can really help to maintain interest in books and aid with focus. Allowing time to discuss what you are reading helps to develop critical thinking skills.
• Make time for reading yourself - and let your children see you. Research shows that the impact of parents’ reading, has a huge positive impact on children’s reading.

Enjoy the last term – and get into good habits now, to help keep the reading going throughout the summer holidays!

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