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" It is with great sadness that we have cancelled our account tonight after 5 years with you! We have absolutely loved our reading adventure with Reading Chest, from the motivational reading charts and posters to the huge range of banded reading books. Both of our children were so thrilled to receive books at their level through the post and couldn't wait to post them back to receive more. Thank you for helping to turn our children into such successful and confident bookworms :-) Emma (a Primary School Teacher) Emma Sweet. Read more Tell us what you think

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Children’s Reading Hit Hard After Pandemic

We are starting to see the real impact of the pandemic on children’s learning. Research by Juniper Education reports ...

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Children’s Reading Hit Hard After Pandemic

Wednesday 4th May 2022

We are starting to see the real impact of the pandemic on children’s learning. Research by Juniper Education reports that children who are currently in Year 3 (Year 1 in 2019) have suffered the biggest drops in attainment during the pandemic. Only 68% of Year 3 children were working at the expected level of reading in autumn 2021 following the pandemic, compared to 82% in autumn 2019. In a...

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Phonics & More!

Wednesday 6th April 2022

Schools have been increasingly encouraged by the Government to teach children to read using synthetic phonics. Learning to read using phonics isn’t a new concept, but in the past, it has been used in combination with other teaching methods. At school, children learn letter sounds (phonemes) in groups and then work on blending them to make words. The first group is normally ‘s, a, t, ...

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Women's History Month

Wednesday 16th March 2022

Here at Reading Chest this celebration is close to our hearts. We house some amazing reading scheme books about the women of the past, written by the women of our present to inspire the next generation of young readers. One of our team members, Jess has gone back to university to study history and is focusing in particular on women in history, and how we are becoming more aware of individual stor...

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World Book Day Golden Tickets!

Tuesday 1st March 2022

To celebrate World Book Day 2022 – we are sending out 10 golden tickets with our members’ book swaps this week. So - look out for one in your next envelope of books! If you are one of our lucky readers, then please get in touch with us to get your prize. The winners will get a special book to keep forever and a Reading Chest gift voucher to give to a friend. World Book Day is all a...

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Reading Aloud!

Thursday 3rd February 2022

National Read Aloud Day has fallen in the middle of National Storytelling Week, the perfect opportunity for us to emphasise the importance of parents and children reading together and why reading aloud should become part of everyday life. Storytelling and reading aloud to children is beneficial at all ages – from babies who cannot speak, to teenagers who are able to read fluently.  Bab...

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