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" It is with great sadness that we have cancelled our account tonight after 5 years with you! We have absolutely loved our reading adventure with Reading Chest, from the motivational reading charts and posters to the huge range of banded reading books. Both of our children were so thrilled to receive books at their level through the post and couldn't wait to post them back to receive more. Thank you for helping to turn our children into such successful and confident bookworms :-) Emma (a Primary School Teacher) Emma Sweet. Read more Tell us what you think

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Children’s Reading Hit Hard After Pandemic

We are starting to see the real impact of the pandemic on children’s learning. Research by Juniper Education reports ...

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Reward Charts Mountain Adventure

Reach new heights with your reading with our mountain adventure reward chart. Take 35 big steps past skiers, paragliders and goats through the mountains to reach the summit! This reward chart is exclusively available to download and print here.

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Reward Charts Space

Travel through 35 stars and planets on our space reward chart. Use your own stickers or just a pen. Maybe you will get an extra reward when you reach planet 35!

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Reward Charts Treasure Map

The original treasure map reward chart with mermaids, pirates and book men. 35 spaces for you to progress along before reaching the treasure!

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