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"As a home schooling family, your service has been invaluable. I would not hesitate to recommend Reading Chest to any other family. Rhona. Read more Tell us what you think

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Beginning School, Beginning Reading

When children begin school, learning to read is one the most important things they will do and so it ...

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We aim to provide a great service for parents and children. We like to hear from our customers to know if we are doing the right thing or not! Here is some of our feedback.

Tell us what you think

I have just ended our membership as my child is finally fluently reading.

I just wanted to thank all at reading chest. What a superb service!
Going back a few years ago, when my son was struggling with reading, I found it very difficult to get books at his level at the library, and was certainly buying a lot of books online.
Reading chest made it so easy. Books were delivered so efficiently and the books we received always were the perfect subject choice for him.
After 3.5 years of reading and almost 500 books, I think we are finally through the learning to read process!

Fabulous company!

Many Thanks

Submitted by Brenda, Friday 14th September 2018

As a home schooling family, your service has been invaluable. I would not hesitate to recommend Reading Chest to any other family.

Submitted by Rhona, Wednesday 1st August 2018

My son was not overly confident at reading despite being able. It has been wonderful to witness his progress and the range of books has certainly helped to engage him. He grows more confident daily and the convenience of Reading Chest has been invaluable for our family. My eldest daughter loved the books coming through the postbox with her name on the envelope and my son is enjoying that same thrill now. All we wanted was for him to enjoy reading and not see it as a chore and I think we have finally achieved that so we are elated. Long may it continue. Thank you

Submitted by Lucy Heighton, Saturday 21st July 2018

Our 4 children have learnt to read well and love books due to the wealth of reading material they’ve had access to through Reading Chest over the last 6 years or so. Best wishes Sharon

Submitted by Sharon, Thursday 5th July 2018

After using Reading Chest for 6 years, I would like to thank Reading Chest for their excellent and invaluable service in assisting my sons to achieve a reading level way beyond that expected of a child of their age. I hope that their love of books continues for many years to come and thank Reading Chest for their support in making this happen. I will continue to recommend Reading Chest's wonderful service to friends.

Submitted by Mum of two boys, Saturday 23rd June 2018

I’m just cancelling our subscription for my son as he’s reached a point where he doesn’t need the levels - but this is a wonderful, wonderful service and I’ve used it for both my older two... you will hear from me again when the baby (10 months) starts school!!

Submitted by Kirsty Armstrong, Wednesday 6th June 2018

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