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"We love this scheme! My daughter loves receiving her books in the post and her reading has come on in leaps and bounds. Thank you! Lucy and Ella. Read more Tell us what you think

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Back To School Boost!

Back to School Book Boost! We are so pleased to see children back in school, and it has been ...

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We aim to provide a great service for parents and children. We like to hear from our customers to know if we are doing the right thing or not! Here is some of our feedback.

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Can I just say your company has been a saviour during lockdown and I'm super impressed with the service. You have helped immensely with my son's reading and progress during lockdown and I'm glad I found you when I did !!

Submitted by Ari Ray, Wednesday 3rd March 2021

My daughter loves Reading chest so one day she can become a free reader - and read by herself at night.

Submitted by Ash Patel , Monday 30th November 2020

Reading chest has been fantastic for my daughter especially over the lockdown, she was able to progress with her reading and enjoy a variety of books at home whilst school was closed. We have carried on with our subscription to give her a wider range of books whilst she is back at school.

Submitted by Sarah , Saturday 21st November 2020

We subscribed to reading chest during Lockdown 2020. We prefer actual books than digital. We absolutely love reading chest! We get excited when the postman comes as can’t wait to see what has been included in our delivery. The books are always in an excellent condition, varied and suitable for the level of reading. We also find they are much better than what is sent home from school. We look forward to our next lot!

Submitted by Paola Noto, Friday 16th October 2020

Reading Chest has been an absolute god send during lockdown and my daughter has made great progress!

Submitted by Caroline, Monday 28th September 2020

I’m so impressed with Reading Chest, it’s been the best thing we did since lockdown, was to sign up and keep my daughter moving forward with her reading and school book bands.”

Submitted by Elizabeth B, Thursday 6th August 2020

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