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" We have used Reading Chest for nearly a decade. This is in no small measure the reason why we have two avid self-motivated readers aged 11 and 6. The whole model adopted by Reading Chest is easy to use and very inexpensive. My kids loved it and we loved it. DJ Hamblin-Brown. Read more Tell us what you think

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Settling into a New School Year...

 How are your little ones settling into their new school year? Lots of our members have been in touch ...

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We aim to provide a great service for parents and children. We like to hear from our customers to know if we are doing the right thing or not! Here is some of our feedback.

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We love reading chest, my daughter gets so excited to see another set of books has arrived and it's really helped her to excel in her reading. The concept is so simple, yet it makes my life easier and prevents the staleness of one reading book a week from school.

Submitted by Heather O, Wednesday 28th February 2024

Reading Chest made the difference for my son who really learnt faster than all his classmates thanks to the wide selection and frequent turnaround of getting six books twice a week which is the package we had. You won’t regret it!

Submitted by PW, Wednesday 27th September 2023

We’ve been really happy with Reading Chest books for my daughter. We started during lockdown and then continued because it was so helpful getting a supply of new books at regular intervals for my daughter to read. She became a free reader (and loves reading) and we didn’t need Reading Chest books anymore. We are now looking forward to starting Reading Chest again for my son. The admin side of it is really simple and Liz is very responsive to emails for any queries. I would highly recommend Reading Chest.

Submitted by Anna Doe, Saturday 9th September 2023

We have used Reading Chest for all three of our kids and it has been an excellent way of accelerating their reading ability. The service is fast, efficient and user friendly.

Submitted by Teresa thorrington, Monday 24th July 2023

Wow, I rarely leave a review but my experience with Reading Chest was so positive I had to write something. After using them for 3 years I have to say they really did foster a love for reading and learning in my children, and it was always super easy and straightforward to use. Can't recommend them highly enough!

Submitted by Maria Serna, Monday 26th June 2023

 My sons have grown into avid and great readers. This company has been a big part of their learning journey! Highly recommend

Submitted by Sinead M, Wednesday 19th April 2023

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